COOL OR UNCOOL? Onepiece all-in-ones

Posted on December 5, 2011 by


We prayed for their existence and finally they’re here – onesies, made by Scandinavian brand Onepiece. Tag-line: ‘jump in’.
But… we’re not sure. Maybe it’s the models. Yeah it could be the models. Or the price – around 100. Yeah, expensive!
Or perhaps it’s the ivy-league designs that put us off.

Our survey leans towards COOL but we can’t silence the niggling doubt that these will be hanging in every shop in Camden in 5 seconds. Then what’ll you do with it? Wear it? Eff that for a game of boiled eggs.

Plus, the guy at the new Onepiece store at Box Park, E1, was quite frank and admitted the wee-wee situation for women still poses a problem. ‘much more fun for guys’ he said. Hmmm. What do you think?

'I like pink and purple'

'I like America'

'love the brand. need a wee tho'


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