COOL: Lucky Chip.The best street burgers in London, if not the world.

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Various burger blogs sussed these guys out ages ago, but we just lost our Lucky Chip virginity. And now we’re pregnant.

It’s street food, but you still get to sit down at a table with plates and stuff. We went to the burger van in Netil Market, E8.
The cheapest burger is a Single With Cheese at £6, and total heaven. Personally, we think it’s best to start simple and then work one’s way up.

The meat tastes of meat; soft, marrowy and evidently cooked by burger fanatics. Interestingly, Ben Denner, who runs Lucky Chip recently changed meat supplier, from Ginger Pig to Walter Rose and Son. Hearing some horrific tales about Ginger Pig recently, not to mention a personal incident involving some veal shin, a refrigerator, 24 hours and loads of maggots.
Anyway, check out Lucky Chip’s menu:

The added beauty of Lucky Chip is the truffle oil option. It really is the perfect condiment for chips and burgers. Oh go on then, maybe a side helping of aioli too. Yeah, Lucky Chip’s not exactly for dieters. Then again, neither is this blog.
Be warned though. There’s so much flavour in every bite, the post-munch blues hit you pretty hard. But, hey, at least the bun didn’t fall apart. Buns of steel, these.

Best thing on the menu. Cheese Fries. Doused in truffle oil.

Beetroot onion rings. Why the hell not? We didn’t need these but the beetroot does add something. Colour? Maybe.

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Lucky Chip
Netil Market
London Fields
London E8 3RL

Opening times: Wed – Sat 12.30pm-10.30pm / Sunday 12.30pm-8pm

Some original info on Lucky Chip found here
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