Berber & Q, Sushi, Netil 360 Rooftop Bar

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It’s the new dim sum place in Broadgate Circus. Heart of Finance-ville and certainly feels it. Nice steamed Scallop Shui Mai but some dishes are a little on the Chinese Takeaway side. The best thing I can say about this place is there’s a cash machine outside, the staff are very sweet and desserts could give you a filling with every mouthful.

Newly opened, satisfyingly named restaurant just by Covent Garden, and not to be overlooked. Highlights are yellowtail carpaccio, Tom Yam soup and the apple & soya sauce Robotayaki. Impressive selection of maki rolls (or “Murakami” rolls) and not too pricey for contemporary Japanese either. The cocktails are surprisingly good. Perfect for Thursday dinner and drinks.

Nah. Overpriced and lacking in atmosphere. was excited about this place but there wasn’t really anything that “Ashkenazi” about it. Waitress didn’t know what was in the dishes and the guy on reception was super grumps! Also, and most memorably, we couldn’t finish the cocktails (you ‘eard) because they were 5 parts alcohol to 1 part mixer. Shame.

Expensive yakitori in Covent Garden. With meat glazed and skewered to within an inch, this place is buzzing every night of the week which is no surprise because everything is very well styled and portions are just right. Order the Monte Carlo Food for £95. At nearly a one-er you can’t afford to do it often, but when you do make sure you take a mate who’s worth it.

This new one in Haggerston does a pretty emotional smoked short rib in sticky date glaze. Meats arrive at the table with a thud and the customer must then carve – nice touch. Highlights here are the cauliflower shawarma which packs a gigantic flavour punch in a good way, and the corn on the cob covered in Harissa Aioli.  Much better than Dukes Brew down the road. Side note: toilets are a bit mental here with a male voice coming out the speakers reciting what sounds like really angry ( is it..) Hebrew?

Netil House has seen Frank’s Campari Bar, and raised it. I, for one, am grateful. This place used to be members only but is open to all now and attracts such an attractive clientele they should quite frankly be ashamed of themselves. If the good-looking people get too much, there’s a very good-looking cheese sandwich kiosk to run to for safety.

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