Blacklock, W1D 7 LG

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A chop house located in a former brothel you say? Well, every place has a past. But the brothel thing isn’t Blacklock’s only USP; all the meat is seared with a Blacklock clothes iron from 1800. Run by a triumvirate of ex-Hawksmoore employees, this walk-in only meat factory is value for money instead of style over substance.

Where: The Basement, 24 Great Windmill St, Soho, London W1D 7LG

What’s it like? A thronging basement, with a cocktail bar, lots of pillars and tables with stools

Vibe: Dungeons and Dragons meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre… meets naked light-bulbs

Food: All the meats – beef, pork, veal, lamb – in cutlet, sirloin or chop form with equally impressive sides like charred courgette and beef dripping chips. Don’t ignore the beef steak and for god’s sake don’t ignore the chilli hollondaise.
Really nice staff.

Price: ££ 1/2

blacklock menu

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