Lobster Bar, E8

Posted on September 23, 2015 by

It finally happened. A lobster bar came to Hackney making the foodie strip on Richmond Rd pretty much a boulevard of my favourite things to eat; pizza and shellfish. But it’s pricey.   

Where: Richmond Road, E8

What’s it like? Simple, small tables, some booths, open plan, candlelit.

Vibe: Comfy. Casual. Any occasion; friends, family, dates

Food: It’s expensive for what it is. Lobsters come small (£15) or large (£26). Unfortunately the large is still small by my book. Oysters come singularly or by the dozen and they do a lovely wild mushroom croquette. But a crab cake at £6.50 and a 15 minute wait for drinks, makes the price a little hard to digest.

Price: £££

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