Ma’Plucker, W1F

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Southern soul food is on our streets in our hearts and in our pants. With buttermilk walls and biscuits (yes biscuits) in gravy, Ma’Plucker just became Soho’s best m’a plucking chicken joint

Where: Beak Street

What’s it like?
Like sitting in the kitchen of your auntie Rachel from New Orleans bang in the middle of her southern belle breakdown, mainly about chicken.

Vibe: Bright yellow,gimmicky, canteen style, diminutive, quick dinner with a mate sorta ting.

Food: They’ve done a Byron with the menu (below) – choose your base, choose your sauce, choose your chicken, choose your side (great sides). My issue with these gimmicky “chicken 3 ways” places tends to be whatever you order, it all kinda ends up tasting the same. But nay not so. The choice is lovely and varied but they don’t do a bluecheese dip!! WHAAAAT?

The buttermilk in chipotle sauce is a banger – none of that over-floured exterior that cloys in your mouth and makes you feel sick. They use panko breadcrumbs here – lovely and crunchy (just like KFC mmm). Delightfully, the rotisserie in chicken skin gravy is a whole new experience  – melt in your mouth and warming. For sides order the crack n’ cheese and the slaw. The limey corn is a bit of a disappointment. Lovely meal with lovely waiting staff (esp. Stuart).

Price: ££



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