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COOL: Mad Men S5E3 discussion “Tea Leaves”

April 2, 2012 by


words: TA Let me start by saying: I love this show again! I have always loved Betty—not as a person, because she’s a complete narcissist, but as a character. This episode proved to me what a great character she is: she has always been the person on the show most defined by societal expectations of […]

UNCOOL: homophobia

March 27, 2012 by


Journalist, activist, economist and gay man Patrick Strudwick has created this video as a lifeline to other gay individuals who are struggling to come to terms with their sexuality. Suicide should NEVER be the alternative to living your life as you are, and standing up to narrow minded individuals who fear the unknown. EIC fully […]

COOL: 10 reasons why we like HOMELAND (addictive US TV series no.9898975655

March 6, 2012 by


HOMELAND is like a deep saucepan of spag-bol left on the hob for eternity (well, 12 weeks). For the love of beef and tomato, you cannot stop going back for more. And every time – it just gets better! Here’s why the EIC team now have no life. Not that they did anyway. 1. Nakedness […]

L’COOL’ikes: Jason Donovan & Graham Norton

October 28, 2011 by


What’s happening here? Graham Norton and Jason Donovan are turning into each other and nobody has the guts to speak out about it apart from us. Hmm. In this pic Jason looks a bit like his old Neighbours character, Scott Robinson. Mmmmm Scott Robinson. Actually, while we’re here we’d like to congratulate JD, 43, re. […]