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HOMELAND is like a deep saucepan of spag-bol left on the hob for eternity (well, 12 weeks). For the love of beef and tomato, you cannot stop going back for more. And every time – it just gets better!

Here’s why the EIC team now have no life. Not that they did anyway.

1. Nakedness

There is lots of nudity and sexual material in HOMELAND. EIC is not saying we are pervy but that is exactly what we are saying. Boobs, willies, bums and lots of boobs. It’s fun!

2. Damian Lewis

On account of his superb muslim prayer reciting, the varied smirks he shoots at Claire Danes and for being in the hit film YOUR HIGHNESS (a must see), we are now almost in love with Damian Lewis. Almost because, well, he is ginger and that does tend to get in the way a bit. GET THIS: the producers didn’t even audition him. They just called him up and he said ‘sure’ with a knowing wink.

3. Claire Danes

Not only does her hair fall in the right place every time she man-handles it (just cascading slowly towards those psychotic cheek bones), but Danes has well and truly earned the title of kick-ass female 2012. Move over Sarah Lund and Rooney Mara, and don’t get a cough from all that dust! According to an EIC survey of men who watch HOMELAND, when asked ‘do you fancy Claire Danes?’ 9 out of 10 answered, ‘no, but I would have sex with her.’

4. The American Dream

What is a US sitcom without that reliable, remastered through-line – the jeopardisation of the American Dream. Brothers & Sisters got off on it, Desperate Housewives bought it, Mad Men smooches it on the open-cheeked arse every series and now HOMELAND mucks up that stable family structure once again with a modern day political issue that’s a bit more interesting than chauvinism, feminism, infidelity and the natural hands of time. TERRORISM.

"Anyone... know what this means?"

5. BBQs

Got an issue? Let’s talk it out over some BBQd steaks. That’s what they do in HOMELAND. But we don’t ever get to see them eat the steaks cos the bloody storyline gets in the way. Brody shoots an antelope or a kid or something and everyone stops queueing for meat. Love it.

6. Shiny cars

Not one car in this ground-breakingly addictive show isn’t shiny. How DO they do it? In addition to all the other requirements and preparations that must go into producing such gripping telly, they still manage to hire a dude to wax on – wax off. And he must be a good guy. And the engines. So quiet! So clandestine!

7. Depth of character

Don’t get bogged down with this. It’s like ‘depth of flavour’ but with telly. EIC’s posh way of saying – the characters are VERY two dimensional. Which is practically the biggest compliment you could ever give writers. There’s a lot of ‘what a dick’…and, ‘ahhhhh I get it, I like him now!’

8. Imperfection

Although other US series deal with health matters and breakdowns, they don’t ever allow the male protagonist to be as pale as Damian Lewis (except for R-Patz but those are films) and the female kick-ass protagonist rarely suffers from mental issues such a bi-polar. Did we say it’s good writing? It’s good writing.

9. Saul Berenson

Ever seen a man say kaddish in the middle of a phone call? Genius.

10. There are TWELVE episodes

That means if you want to stagger it out to one a week – the next 3 months of your life are sorted TV wise.

We’re watching THREE a night at the moment (gotta love streaming) which means we’re already planning next month’s viewing.

Anyone got a series we need to watch?

*HOMELAND is on Sundays on Channel 4 at 9pm.

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