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UNCOOL: Hmm. Mad Men S5 E9 “Dark Shadows”

May 15, 2012


words: TA Ok all, I’m officially getting sick of Megan. She is taking up a ridiculous amount of screen-time for a new character (compare her to Dawn, for example), and she is starting to amount to nothing more than a Mary Sue to my eyes (for those of you not familiar with that term, click the link, […]

COOL: Mad Men S5 E8 “Lady Lazarus”

May 9, 2012


words: TA Here’s what I love about Mad Men when it’s at its best: there are at least two ways of seeing every plot development, and they all have equal validity in the moment. We know as little in the present as the characters do—there’s no foreshadowing, or obvious set-ups for an inevitable plot twist. […]

COOL: Mad Men S5 E7 “At the Codfish Ball” aka. Something to Sink our Teeth Into

April 30, 2012


words. TA Oh, I really loved this episode. Yay! Why? I think I figured it out: because instead of having a Theme and Things With Meaning, it had a lot of characters, interacting with a lot of other characters, and all of these interactions intersected and overlapped in ways that weren’t so easy to map. […]

UNCOOL: Mad Men S5 E6 Far Away Places

April 24, 2012


words: TA My limited web information-gathering has led me to the conclusion that everyone loved this episode. Oh well: I was underwhelmed. This was the kind of episode that to me screams This!Is!Art!, which certainly can work sometimes—it was moody, beautifully staged and shot; but in my eyes it was cold at the center. First, […]

COOL: Mad Men S5 E5 ‘Signal 30’

April 16, 2012


words: TA Let’s start with this tidbit: this episode was co-written by Frank Pierson, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Dog Day Afternoon, Cool Hand Luke and Presumed Innocent (among other films). And this episode was all about the writing. All the ideological issues that I would not want to gloss over—can we ever please see anything from Trudy’s […]

UNCOOL: Mad Men S5E4 discussion ‘Mystery Date’

April 9, 2012


words: TA Well, I am mostly unenthusiastic about this lastest episode of Mad Men. Given the material, this should have been a mind-blowing installment: it appears that the writers attempted to thematize the issue of violence against women. We had it in almost every plotline: the horrible Chicago rapes and murders in the news; Don’s […]

COOL: Mad Men S5E3 discussion “Tea Leaves”

April 2, 2012


words: TA Let me start by saying: I love this show again! I have always loved Betty—not as a person, because she’s a complete narcissist, but as a character. This episode proved to me what a great character she is: she has always been the person on the show most defined by societal expectations of […]

COOL: Mad Men Series 5, Episodes ! & 2 (spoiler)

March 25, 2012


Mad Men fans – this one’s for you. Turns out, MM Series 5 is everything we hoped it would be, and therefore well worth the wait. What was it, nearly two years? Oy vey. Now – like us – you’re probably just bursting to discuss what’s happened so far! The story, characters, plot-lines, themes and socio-historical […]