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Blacklock, W1D 7 LG

September 8, 2015 by


A chop house located in a former brothel you say? Well, every place has a past. But the brothel thing isn’t Blacklock’s only USP; all the meat is seared with a Blacklock clothes iron from 1800. Run by a triumvirate of ex-Hawksmoore employees, this walk-in only meat factory is value for money instead of style over substance. Where: The Basement, […]

COOL: Ceviche, W1D

April 22, 2013 by


Awwww ‘dinner’… Usually a couple of warming drinks and some nourishing food. Gets me just about ready to snuggle on the couch back home. Don’t you find though, ‘dinner’ can often turn into Dinner? When you drink the entire bar dry, chant “DOWN IT! DOWN IT! DOWN IT!” at your table, then go out, chip your tooth, lose […]

COOL: Tonkotsu, W1

September 26, 2012 by


words: tomek mossakowski Tonkotsu. Bless you! This is the joke I use every time someone mentions Tonkotsu, the new, hip ramen shop that’s right in the middle of Soho. What’s ramen? Japanese noodles in pork bone broth. Is it COOL? Yes. Why? Cos it’s delicious. The menu is small: you can have 3 broths, traditional, spicy or […]

UNCOOL: Drag Shows in Soho

March 23, 2012 by


words: Tomek Mossakowski Drag Shows – O M actual G – they are SHIT. Shit and UNCOOL. Don’t get me wrong: I ain’t no homophobe. I actually happen to be a massive bender myself. (Not fat, just massive). Picture the scene: We walk into a random bar, I’m poppin’ back the ol’ G+Ts (slimline obv) with my […]