COOL: Being spontaneous and not doing dry january because it’s dull

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Oliver Davy on how to avoid the beginning of year slump …

If you buy into the collective malaise, January is a miserable time of year. Everyone’s fat and poor and ugly and the Christmas holidays already seem like a distant memory. Adding salt to the wound is the guff washing over social media like a tsunami of smugness. If you felt fine before, one session on Facebook will soon have you wallowing in a swamp of self-loathing.

To combat the glumness I propose Banuary.

In Banuary, if you mention diets, booze-less pursuits or being broke, even once, you automatically get your iphone confiscated before being picked up and thrown in the nearest dustbin. Sorry but themz the rules.

Sure, routines give our lives structure but they can also be stifling, dull, allowing little room for spontaneity. Spontaneity is KEY.

As you might be able to tell, I’m trying to encourage you all to be spontaneous but actually this is about to turn into a travel article.

So, here are my recommendations for 6 of the best places to piss off to in 2014. Spontaneously.


This is a good year to avoid Brazil as its infrastructure creaks under the weight of the World Cup. Do your bit to improve frosty Anglo-Argentine relations by brushing off your Spanish and visiting the land of the gaucho. A meat and wine lovers’ paradise. Enjoy mountains, beaches and galloping across endless estancias.


Head to Africa and erase the last eight years of your life. According to the Ethiopian calendar it’s 2006. Add to this madness great food, fascinating culture and wild landscapes that can be explored cheaply by hiring a 4×4 and a driver and you have a seriously exciting holiday destination.


No, seriously. The beauty of this much-maligned Middle Eastern state and the hospitality of its people have never been in doubt. With a new, more liberal President who vows to grow tourism there has never been a better time to go and enjoy the superb cuisine and stunning coastlines.

North Norfolk

Beaches that stretch further than the eye can see and are quiet at their busiest. A great selection of local libations served in cosy pubs alongside plates of fresh seafood. Loads of self-catering options where you can barbecue game from the estate down the road or hunker down by the wood burner. Enough said.

The Outer Hebrides

This rugged island chain off the west coast of Scotland is the heartland of Gaelic culture. There are art and music festivals throughout the year and humbling natural beauty to restore weary souls. By bike, foot, car or kayak. Bed down in a tent in the woods or a castle by the sea. And make sure you try a dram.


Wales’ most westerly county is a paradise for walkers with miles of coastal paths meandering along windswept cliff tops and through secluded coves. If you are feeling a little more adventurous you could try a marine wildlife tour by speedboat or harness the power of the wind and go kite surfing.

Oliver Davy is a semi finalist in the Spontaneity Champion competition and is in the running to win a life-changing prize. Watch his entry video here…

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