UNCOOL: ITV for destroying Adele’s Best Album speech!

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It’s an unwritten rule in speeches. You neeeeeeeeeever, but NEEEEEEEEEVER, interrupt someone during a speech of thanks!! Especially not Adele, cos’ she’ll give you the finger. Gwan gel!

And it wasn’t Blur’s fault. Why would you set up an award ceremony if people who win the awards can’t express their graciousness. [NB: no question mark]

Doesn’t matter how many Grammys Adele won. Doesn’t matter how much money she’s made.
Girls’ got a right to reply, otherwise these award ceremonies just stink to high heaven of money.
Pshhhh, the Mobos were NOT like this.

TV – you give us a lot of gold but you sure as hell lack the testicles to tell your advertisers:



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