COOL: Mind Over Matter Project 12th-23rd October

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What’s cooler than the coming together of science and art in the name of finding cures for Dementia?

For the next couple of weeks, Shoreditch Town Hall is putting on what is set to be a truly eye opening and revolutionary exhibition, featuring portraits of brain donors whose identities are revealed for the first time ever.

Don’t be sad though, it’s not the end of life for these guys, because this groundbreaking project celebrates old age, maybe even that moment just before death, as something that isn’t scary, gloomy or depressing. Their brains will go on to have a career of their own – maybe even bring us closer to finding a cure.
Historically, donors have always been anonymised but for the first time we can come closer to understanding what happens in the brain bank laboratories and seeing the people whose brains have been affected.

Of the original twelve who agreed to give their brain to neuroscience, before developing any outward signs of dementia, five have sadly now passed away, including the project’s cover girl, Ella. She was over 100 and before she died, she said: “The brain is a very clever thing. The progress should go on. Anything I can do, let me do it now, for I shall not pass this way again.

Tickets are free.

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