COOL: Katie Waissel & ‘Bill’ separated at birth?

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Katie Waissel/Vogel/Price/Tunstell & Bill S Preston Esq

Katie Waissel/Vogel/Price/Tunstell & Bill S Preston Esq


Has anybody else spotted the uncanny resemblance between Bill S Preston Esq and X Factor’s Katie Waissel?

The word ‘bogus’ does indeed seem relevant here as, after some digging, one will discover that, unlike the other X Factor hopefuls, ¬†Katie Waissel/Vogel has already had about 60 hours of fame compared to the other contestants’ meagre 5 minutes

[Click here to see Katie following her dream in reality show Green Eyed World]

Drama queen Waissel is a wee bit too comfy in front of the camera for our liking. The tears, the shock, the ‘I’ve already made it’ attitude [“Haaaay I’m Kaydeee Waaisselvogelmelua nays t’meet yeeeooooow!”]. Anyone would think this girl’s chasing an Oscar, not a Brit.

But who can knock her for pulling the fragility card when she’s got the supersonically unglued, Cher Lloyd to contend with.

Aiden Grimshaw to WIN!

[or maybe Diva Fever *SCREAM*]

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