UNCOOL: 10 texts that mean … ‘I can’t be arsed with you anymore’

Posted on October 18, 2010 by


It's not your phone's fault

Apparently, women read too much into blokes’ text messages. Such is the murky space between pressing ‘send’ and ‘1 message received’. In most cases, there’s little else to go on when it comes to guys. So for the benefit of all womankind, here are 10 text messages that definitely do NOT require any decoding. In fact, they don’t even warrant a reply…

1. ‘It’s not really a party. It’s just a get together and I’m probably going to go home early anyway…’

2. ‘Bring your friend out with us tonight. The one with the long legs and great sense of humour!’

3. ‘I just think if we take it slow, we’ll  get to know each other better’

4. ‘Sorry I didn’t reply to you over the weekend. My sister’s going through a big break up and I took her out for dinner. On friday, saturday and, err, sunday. We love eating out, us.’

5. ‘Did you? When? I never received a text. Sorry for being lame. Drink soon!’

6. ‘Man walks into a bar…’

7. ‘Forward this text to all your MATES who love farting’.

8. ‘Working late tonight. Can we postpone? Say in three weeks’ time?’

9. ‘It’s a bit late. Think I’m gonna head home get a good night’s wank sleep. Speak soon!’

10. ‘Sorry I missed your call I was watching Arsenal beat the living daylights out of Spurs…’

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