UNCOOL: Dying at your desk

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Ida KO'd at her desk in last week's episode

Where more depressing to die than at the office? US series Mad Men sure does give with one hand and takes away with the other…

How many of Don Draper’s secretaries have asked him if he’s going to the toilet?

How many have called his daughter chubby?

How many have been referred to by Cooper as an astronaut?

One. IDA BLANKENSHIP [big intake of breath] who, in the words of Roger Sterling, ‘died like she lived. Surrounded by the people she answered phones for.’

She may have been the most incompetent of Draper’s minions, but whatever came out her mouth in that potpourri accent of Russian stemmed yiddish, Brooklyn and Long Island, sent Draper straight back into his office, no questions asked. Now what? Megan. The gap-toothed beauty with a neck so long you could hang your washing on it.

TO IDA: Why did you have to die? And at your desk too. You were a simple ingredient with such a nourishing effect. A liberated woman. Who knows, you could have become the next female copywriter if you really wanted to.I guess we’ll never know. The best thing about you was that you didn’t care about sleeping with Draper. He’d have been lucky.

We’ll miss you.

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