COOL: Hed to toe in Kandi

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Don’t worry, she’s not real [or is she?]

If you own a pair of eyes you’ve probably walked past a fair few Hed Kandi posters in your time. They’re the ones picturing obscenely attractive illustrations of females you can imagine your boyfriend cheating on you with. The ones you find yourself staring at [because how could you not] baffled by the style and sass of these “pah, cartoons!” who, thank god, don’t exist.

Don’t rest on your laurels yet though, girls, for these impeccably dressed cartoons are about to become *SCREAM* real women!!  Soon they’ll be walking the streets of our good kingdom; from London to Liverpool and beyond, and there’s no reason not to join them…

As if being the authority on the freshest beats, funkiest club nights and glitziest album covers wasn’t enough, Hed Kandi has upped the UK’s house music glamour stakes by launching Hed Kandi Fashion.

She's real

Oh, god, she is!!

You..mean..wearing..headphones…with…cool? YESH???!!!

So what’s on offer? Basically, everything. No, really, everything. Maybe not funeral attire or the outfit of corporate dreams but quite literally anything else. The entire collection’s been designed to make you stand out from the crowd so you can be the one to say “Oh this! I think it was limited edition”, or, “sorry you’ll have to speak up, I’m wearing Hed Kandi heels!” [Hed Kandi heels are no laughing matter].

The new method to becoming eye kandi is wearing hed kandi – all over. So embrace it by visiting the stores at bluewater and Liverpool ONE, carrying a loosely clutched purse containing more money than you think you’ll need. Or you could always purchase bits online if you don’t want to schlep to the stores. Check the Autumn/Winter collection out here

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