COOL: Andy Murray cried – so now we like him

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Yesterday, as Roger Federer and his fit legs landed a 7th Wimbledon victory , I picked up the remote with a mind to switch over.
The ceremonial cup and tray giving by the Duke of Kent gets slower and slower each year. But I wanted to see what Andy Murray had to say, even though he’s given me no reason to support him other than representing Britain, he really had given it everything… and fallen over loads too!

Had he succeeded in undoing Feder’s determination, the nation would have been shocked and pleasantly surprised to see him become the first man in 76 years to win the British title. But without a racket in his hand, Andy Murray managed to achieve the exact same response with his emotional runner up speech. Which touched me in ways I never (hoped) thought Murray could.

When passed the microphone, the 25 year old who’s never shown a fleck of emotion, choked straight away. Overcome by the sensitivity and support of his family, the crowd and the rest of the UK, he said “I’m going to try this, and it’s not going to be easy”, and choked…

Oh! I thought. Murray’s crying?! Andy hard-annoyed-face Murray is crying actual tears on Centre Court. Stood there battling the teary bolus in his throat, faced with god knows how many people just clinging onto this rare display of sentiment, he put the mic closer to his mouth. And as he congratulated Federer with an innocuous joke about being 30, I felt tears roll down my own fickle face.

The camera panned to his girlf who – like her man, had worn a widow’s poker-face all afternoon – was also now in tears.

Mum, Judy Murray – tears.

Woman in the crowd – tears

Man stood frozen wearing a strange expression which I think was about to turn into tears – tears

“Everybody always talks about the pressure of playing at Wimbledon, how tough it is,” continued Murray. “But the people watching make it so much easier to play,” he finished and choked. The crowd wept and Wimbledon had officially descended into one big crying festival. And in a flat somewhere in East London, I sat sobbing.

Rather unexpectedly, the once beautifully tanned Federer, with his pretty arms and floppy international hair, now looked to me like some kind of Cyril Sneer person “Go on, let him hold the cup!” I yelled at the TV.

“He’ll win one grand slam, at least”, said Federer. “SHUTUP Federer!” You may have won 7 times but that doesn’t mean you can now predict IF and HOW many times other tennis players will win.

“The support has been incredible, so thank you,” Murray added before exiting – in tears – to one final standing ovation.

This has changed pretty much everything in terms of Murray and me. And I dare say you – if you were watching yesterday. And if you weren’t, I’d check it out on Youtube. With this in mind, I may even go and support him in person next year. Because he’ll be there. He’s ALWAYS there. Well done Murray old chap – I really think 2013 will be your year. *blub*

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