UNCOOL: Support for Bieber reaches deathly level.

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Now please don’t get us wrong – EIC are Beliebers just like everyone else – but some of the Twitter biogs belonging to Bieber fans are starting to remind us of epitaphs on gravestones. Why does it always come to this? What happened to switching on his CD, having a dance then getting on with your life?!

As a Bieber fan (I like his music), the constant reminder of death whenever I come across one of my cohorts on Twitter, kinda takes the wind out of my Bieber sails, which are otherwise pretty gusty.

Bieber’s female fans belieb that inside Bieber’s heart there is an artery belonging to each and every one of them, sustaining the ebb and flow of his spectacular and yet hauntingly foreshadowed career. I would in no way try to convince them that there isn’t.

BUT COME ON!!!!!!!

While we appreciate you get back what you give out – and JB is a religious fella – take a peek at these epitaphs devoted biogs.

EXHIBIT A. ‘Dear Justin, the day I became a Belieber was the day I promised to be here to support you until the day my heart stops beating.He followed 11/2/11, RTed 3/12/12′

EXHIBIT B. ‘Justin Bieber taught me how to live, and the world should know that i’ll never leave his side, and yes, I said never.’

EXHIBIT C. ‘The Bieber Fever will only end when the last Belieber heart stops beating. – Justin dm’d me (22/10).’

EXHIBIT D. ‘My hero once told me 3 wise words – NEVER SAY NEVER.’

EXHIBIT E. ‘Justin has inspired me, made me cry, made me feel special, made me smile and laugh. But most of all, Justin Bieber made me a better me.’

EXHIBIT F. ‘Hate on Justin Bieber all you want, but keep in mind that he saved my life and millions of others. Supporting his flawless ass since ’09.’

EXHIBIT G. ‘Justin Bieber says I’m flawless, I inspire him & I’m his E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G so fuck you. ♥’

EXHIBIT H. ‘When i’m bored i lay on my kitchen floor and pretend i’m a crumb’

… OK, not Bieber related but that one was just too funny.

Adoration for Bieber is, dare I say it, on the UP? For every 9 year old whose eyes are open, body is receiving oxygen, and for whom the telly is not an enemy, there undoubtedly will hatch a Belieb system. What about Sesame Street and Barney The Dinosaur? It’s all Bieber Street now, and Bieber The Biebersaur!

EIC does not mock religion or death or Bieber, but what we’re desperate to know is; when will these somewhat dark, devout biogs see an edit? We’re thinking… maybe never? Which is scary and means the next few years of Bieber’s adult life are going to be VERY interesting.

What are your thoughts on fan-culture and the Bieber biogs? 

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