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What & Where is Cartmel?

It’s a super twee village in Cumbria where everything looks and tastes unrealistically delicious. Even the mountains. The locals are friendly, the pubs are cosy, and the farmers don’t give a poo if you walk on their land. That’s right – Cartmel is the perfect place to chill. And eat cheese. And die, probably.

Why go?

Because every shop, no matter what it’s called, sells sticky toffee pudding and stinky cheese. Even the library.

Why else?

– There are a A BILLION cream tea joints and everything is served on old fashioned crockery. *If you don’t like cream teas then you’re screwed.

– The lakes are renowned for their generous peppering of exquisite gastro-pubs and even a couple of michelin starred restaurants. A firm pub favourite of EIC’s is The Mason’s Arms and a new discovery for us is The Blacksmith’s Arms, north west of Cartmel. They serve steaks the size of your head and ,naturally, everything is locally sourced. In the Lake District, locally sourced means – used to live a metre away.

– Most of the gastro pubs  have bedrooms too in case you can’t fit through the door after your meal, or can’t be arsed to leave. The main two top notch restaurants are L’Enclume and Rogan & Company, owned by Simon Rogan.  Both are located in the village with L’Enclume considerably dearer.

– Cartmel is 12 miles from Lake Windermere so if you’re keen to check out the lake then it’s a good idea to go up by car. In the summer, go for a ferrel swim, take a few pics, have a snog, then go for a pint. It’s that easy.

EIC loves … Cartmel Cheeses 

Langres. A washed rind cheese they describe as 'feisty'

'The blues'

Grand Jura. Like Gruyere but milkier.

Brie De Meaux. Densely buttery with a cabbagey flavour. That means 'farty' doesn't it.

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