UNCOOL: 20 things you dread your boss saying

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Do you wish your boss wore a mood ring?  Does he/she have the same social skills as Dustin Hoffman in Rainman?
Whether you like yours or not, stick with them long enough and you’ll fast become savvy to their depressing script of superior demands and peculiar habits. Here’s a run down of the stuff you NEVER want to hear come out your boss’ mouth…

1. ‘Do you have a minute?’

2. ‘OK fun’s over!’

3. ‘Can you work through lunch?’

4. ‘You’re too young to know that’

5. ‘Get out my sight!’

6. ‘It’s wine o’clock’ – said unenthusiastically after being an absolute ball-ache all week.

7. ‘Ha! Your lunch looks revolting…’

8.  ‘No, no that’s not what I mean’

9.  ‘Did I ever see your CV? Show me it again.’

10. ‘Actually I find that joke quite offensive’

11. ‘Who’s free after work?’

12. ‘Who ordered laughing gas to the office?’

13. ‘I’ll be there too, what time you heading?’

14. ‘Send it AGAIN then!”‘

15. ‘Oh crap I’m out, can I have a sip of your water?’

16. ‘Answer my phone will you. No my mobile!’

17. [in front of everyone] ‘We pay you HOW much?’

18. ‘Fix the printer/photocopier/fan/microwave/earth will you?

19. ‘How many friends am I meant to have on Facebook?’

20. ‘You’re fired – JOKE!’

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