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Happy New Year. And Cheer up. The holidays may be over but there’s loads to look forward to: Famous and Fearless , The US X Factor, Beckham’s joining Spurs, and there’s only a year left till The Shard’s completion.

Oh, and only 18 months to wait until East London is transformed into a tracksuit infested sports ville. Think what would happen if Loughborough University had sex with The Queen Vic. It really doesn’t bear thinking about. Excitement about London 2012 remains at a steady but optimistic 0.5/10. But one must keep open minded as there will be lots of boozing after all.

I thought I’d keep things light as lots of people who read this blog want to kill themselves at the moment.  Whether that has anything to do with the content, only time will tell. So here’s my cameo bit, so to speak, for Observer Magazine in a section called The Ex Files in which I usually do the interviewing, but thought I’d turned the tables. Have a laugh, point at the outfit I chose to be photographed in. Or use what is laid out in font of you to imagine my ex boyfriend and I in happier times.

Why did I do it? Lots of people ask me (in a doubtful tone with their heads at an angle) if I’d ever talk about a past relationship in a magazine, myself. So now I can say I have, as I pass them my shoe.

Those of you who missed it, here’s a link to the piece.

If you’d like to appear in the mag with your ex, (gay/straight/bi) drop me a line.

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