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COOL: Easter’s good innit?

April 25, 2014


Now that we’ve all had a few days to adjust back to whatever  fresh hell we were drowning in before the world stood still for a bit last week, can we talk about Easter for a minute? I just spent 5 days in the English countryside with my future  in-laws celebrating the resurrection of our lord jesus christ, […]

COOL: First dates / UNCOOL: Michel Roux Jnr

March 20, 2014


Last week a friend introduced me to First Dates… Why I wasn’t watching it before is a mystery. I think I heard about it and assumed it was scripted!? If there’s one thing that makes my chin twitch it’s actors playing awkward, nervous people looking for love. That’s what reality TV’s there for guys! And […]

UNCOOL: SAGA (you kill me Saga)

January 28, 2014


Eight episodes in, 20 murders still unsolved, and I couldn’t give a septic toss  who done it… I’m far more interested in Saga. These days, most nights, I’m pulling my hair out  shouting at the telly: “SAGA. WHAT IN DESIGNER DANISH FURNITURE’S FANNY IS WRONG WITH YOU?????????” She’s the most interesting, sociopathic female detective on […]


January 14, 2014


Why has Dappy’s violent sexist behaviour towards Luisa Zissman been brushed under the carpet? … and who with a milimeter of sense calls their kid Dappy anyway? Why not – SEXisty? Or – Stoopidy?  Or Crybaby?  Whoever the illusive naming genius is, you better be careful not to bring her up in conversation unless you […]

COOL: Young Beyonce eye rolls young Kelly R

January 3, 2014


  Finally. Proof we weren’t imagining it…

UNCOOL: You Kanye West. You.

November 28, 2013


In this topsy turvy old world where people post pics of their newborns still slathered in uterus goo, thankfully there is still cool to be found in pretty much everything and everyone. Even Leicester Square. But not Kanye West. In an inevitable twist of showbiz fate, the next lunatic to join 50 cent, unpaid internships […]

COOL: Masterchef is Michelin Star TV

November 22, 2013


Christ I love Masterchef. I just hope it never ends. Like I just hope Gregg doesn’t leave, but this latest series has seen less involvement from him. I just hope he hasn’t lost interest. How could he? Masterchef gets better ratings than the soaps! Plus, Monica is on better form than ever. I just hope […]


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