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COOL: Ceviche, W1D

April 22, 2013 by


Awwww ‘dinner’… Usually a couple of warming drinks and some nourishing food. Gets me just about ready to snuggle on the couch back home. Don’t you find though, ‘dinner’ can often turn into Dinner? When you drink the entire bar dry, chant “DOWN IT! DOWN IT! DOWN IT!” at your table, then go out, chip your tooth, lose […]

COOL: The Good Wife

March 26, 2013 by


I rarely get taken with TV shows. I’m the kind of guy who watches about six episodes of a boxset, decides it’s all good ‘n’ all, but then really just can’t… be… bothered… to.. cont…in…ue… But NOT with The Good Wife, my new favourite programme, which is so COOL that it’s making me want to […]

COOL: The Hand & Flowers, Marlow

February 20, 2013 by


The Hand & Flowers is the first and only pub in the world to have two Michelin stars. That might sound amazing, but let’s be honest: the place is actually on trend because it appeared on Masterchef: The Professionals. Anton and Kerry, who both won in the end (not a cop out at *all*), were delivered […]

COOL: Emma Chapman, a bestselling author at 27

February 14, 2013 by


In life, there are two types of people: achievers, and those that watch reruns of Roswell High at 2.30pm in bed on a Tuesday. Emma Chapman is now in the first group, because she – rrrrrather annoyingly – has published a bestselling novel at the ripe young age of 27. It’s called How To Be A Good Wife. And […]

COOL: Solange

November 9, 2012 by


Holy ..gosh! Beyonce’s sister Solange has suddenly become very, VERY #COOL. Don’t believe me?! I can’t say I’m surprised. Her name does rhyme with flange after all. Unfortunate. But think about the ravenous, foaming-at-the-mouth pack of little siblings who’ve tried and failed to make it on the back of their celeb brothers and sisters’ success. Jamie […]

COOL: The Great British Bake Off

October 12, 2012 by


The Great British Bake Off is everywhere. You can’t open a single newspaper or innocently surf the web without seeing a picture of Paul Hollywood holding a freshly baked latticed sausage roll. This man is gunning for world domination, I tell you. He won’t be happy until we’re actually living in gingerbread houses and sleeping in […]

COOL: Maria Sharapova and her grunt

June 11, 2012 by


*”…eeuuuUGGGHHHHH!!!!“* Such is the spectacular grunting noise of Maria Sharapova, who has become ultimately COOL once again. Why?! ‘Cause she’s such a survivor. MazzaShazza, or maybe ShayShay ‘Pova, we haven’t decided yet, is a comeback queen – something we LOVE. Like Kylie, she’s strutted right back onto the scene in buttock-revealing clothing and with some ‘tude. Except she […]