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COOL: BORGEN (because we’ve all finished our Killing box-sets)

January 12, 2012


words: @jamesrglynn For fanden skyld! My crisp Scandinavian jumper has a hole in it. A massive Forbrydelsen shaped hole in my Sarah Lund jumper. Yours too? Thought so. This is my round about way of saying ‘what am I gonna do now The Killing is over?!’  Well it’s fine!!! Because BBC4 has done it again – […]

COOL: Field Day

August 2, 2011


It’s August. Summer is already passing us by in a rain drenched, when-does-it-start haze..but praise be for small mercies. Field Day London’s COOLEST festival, pitches up in Victoria Park this weekend and the weather gods are promising SUN. Here at EIC towers we can see Victoria Park from our windows. Excited. Little. Kidadults. Gone are […]

COOL: Chilli Jam fan

June 21, 2011


The room goes silent. Everyone looks at me. I know it’s my turn, but how did I get here? I take a deep breath….OK, here goes. ‘My name is James and for the last 6 months I have been using Chilli Jam. Sometimes four, five times a day. With anything; cheese, ham or even alone […]

COOL: The man who makes his own smoked salmon

June 13, 2011


You may or may not have noticed but EIC has a massive thing for smoked salmon. So when we bumped into Ole of Hansen & Lydersen Smoked Salmon – we were like ‘mate, do you smell of fish all the time?’ to which he replied, ‘yes mate, all the time.’ Thankfully Ole – who is […]

UNCOOL: Urban Outfitters

May 27, 2011


words: James Glynn You know that ‘off-beat’, ‘look at what we just found’, hipster store, Urban Outfitters? Yeah? Checked shirts, ironic t-shirts and big ol’ glasses…yeah? Well next time you’re leaving there, check your bag. Because, apparently, they NICK TINGS!! Jewellery designer Stevie K makes these COOL necklaces as part of her line, The World/United States […]

COOL: sexy DJs sexy video – FIGURES

May 27, 2011


Go Figure. Velo is the new tune by London duo Jamie Blanco and James Delay aka. Figures. You’ll want to listen to [and look at] them all night long. You may even consider going for a bike ride after watching this video set in south London. But we doubt it. Figures – Velo from Christopher […]