IN LONDON: A New York style van selling food

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Calling all food obsessed friends! London Food Festival starts on October 4… [Yes I thought it’d just been too but that was Taste London] and I’ve just become a little bit hungry thinking about the launch of Street Kitchen, a New York style street van that’ll plonk itself in a busy place where busy people need to be fed.

This super idea is being headed up by Jun Tanaka, Executive Chef at Pearl Restaurant, and Mark Jankel, chef and founder of The Food Initiative – I like to think out of the goodness of their own hearts – and they mean business with a menu offering gourmet dishes, none of that super-quick gluey chow-mein stuff.

The feast begins in Covent Garden on 4 October selling my absolute favourite, home Smoked Salmon and Braised Featherblade of Beef, priced between £4.50 – £6.50. I’ve never had Featherblade of Beef before but I’m very open to trying it. Chefs Mark and Jun have enlisted the help of the Ecological Economist, Dr Daniel Lopez Dias, who I suspect will advise them on how to minimise their carbon footprint. Surely keep the engine off, no?

For daily updates on the van’s movements check in with @foodinitiative and @chefjun

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