UNCOOL: Urban Outfitters

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words: James Glynn
You know that ‘off-beat’, ‘look at what we just found’, hipster store, Urban Outfitters? Yeah? Checked shirts, ironic t-shirts and big ol’ glasses…yeah? Well next time you’re leaving there, check your bag. Because, apparently, they NICK TINGS!!

Jewellery designer Stevie K makes these COOL necklaces as part of her line, The World/United States Of Love and sells them through mega popular US craft site Etsy.com. You can see all the stuff here. EIC wants all of them because they really are COOL and will inevitably annoy the fuck out of everyone eventually.

She quit her job to make these COOL trinkets and now these replicas are for sale for almost a third of the price on the Urban Outfitters website.

This ain’t no Robin Hood story either…or a one off! Have a look at their past ‘borrowing’ of designs … How are independent designers supposed to make it in the world if their designs just get ripped off by the wealthier, more sporty, popular boys?

UNCOOL Urban Outfitters UNCOOL

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