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In your mind, picture a typical Electrician – and you could be forgiven for conjuring the image of a fairly standard person.
An in-out kinda guy , professional , keeps himself to himself.
An old valve radio expert with a basic website made through gritted teeth due to a penchant for the Yellow Pages. A guy who’d probably feel outside his comfort zone if asked for example – ‘what do you do for fun? What are your passions?’ while he’s re-wiring your washing machine. After all, you don’t have to know your Electrician, right?

Well, readers, I’d quit being so wrong if I were you…

For in my recent quest for an  East London Spark to assist with some  light fittings, I came across  the self-made website of a glorious man called ‘Electrician Rich’  who, perhaps understandably,  regards himself as an emergency service and therefore includes all the usual info you’d expect to find: 24HR hotline, pricing (£35ph), ways to pay, how to get in touch etc, but who very quickly shatters all preconceptions by including  a bonus section called ‘when you get in touch’ detailing what will happen when, y’know, you call and… er, another bonus section labelled ‘Upon Arrival’ –

“I will make myself known to you, via a pre-determined password if required.” he jokes.

Observation one: Rich has a sense of humour.

What first struck me about Rich, other than his sense of humour, and the bonus sections, and the little holograms of him hard at work down the margins, is that Rich  wants potential customers to know who he is. For instance, unlike other tradesmen’s sites, Rich has an  ‘About Me’ section.

“During my down days, I enjoy finding new nooks of wealth in this part of London,”  he writes.
“A short walk can introduce many exciting experiences and double rainbow discovery’s.”

Ooh, I thought. That’s different. Rich certainly has a bit of fire in his belly, which must come in useful … being an Electrician.

Just as I began to dial his number,  I noticed more sections.  More hilarious sections.
There was the cinematic,  ‘How I like to work’ para:

“Every now and again, I get the kudos of performing the hero role. Put simply, it is as pure a feeling as any, to be gifted the opportunity to reinstate the power, when a clients freezer is on the tipping point of meltdown. I have been given hugs in these and similar situations.”

Observation two: Rich is a lover not a hater.

He even includes a  ‘What I like to do for fun’ section –

“Everything. Specifically, I enjoy meals out with lucid friends. Seem to laugh like a child at these occasions. I have recently rediscovered poetry. Reading Birthday Letters by Ted Hughes a short while ago, I was thrown into a state of mild despair. I have solved this issue by reading snippets only. …. Will Self is a particular favourite. I would be happy to undergo a gavage of his lambent scribbilings. I am oft found mincing up and down Brick lane on a Sunday morning, enlightened with espresso, I feel and feed off the regal strutting of the mustered fashionista peacock. Music is an obsession. It has been known to consume me. I enjoy anything new and cutting edge – anything delivered with passion. I seem to be stuck somewhere between Gogol Boredello and foals at the moment. In short; too late; I find fun in all things.”

A somewhat rhetorical  bit called : ‘Am I passionate about anything?’ (which he is)

“I am passionate about the environment. .. I realised that I would like to take personal responsibility for what I create. ….I have converted to veggie oil in my van, and purchased a fiat panda with a low co2 count…”

And guys while we’re here there’s actually a whole PAGE called ‘My Story’ –

“I was pleased and excited when, out of nepotism, my sister found me a job at Brian Hodgeson electrical contractors.”

Observation three: Rich is…

What I, personally, have learnt from this discovery, is that you can never truly know an Electrician just by giving him a quick call and having him in your home for 45 minutes to fix the odd electrical device. You can never know who that strange guy earthing all your gadgets is using the cold, frivolous… traditional method.  We customers need to make more effort to learn  about Electricians and their non- electrical based exploits, before calling them willy-nilly. Think of the hours – £35 each – you could while away discussing Ted Hughes or some other scribbler you both like.  Because, guys, if these guys make the effort to write about it. The least we can do is read it. Rich – I salute you.

Check Rich’s website out here there’s loads of stuff on it.

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