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A few years ago [circa 2006/7 & 8 ] Humphrey and two other clever chaps, David Reed and Thom Tuck placed their hands rather dextrously around sketch comedy’s sagging neck and thus wrung it to back to life. Together, they were successful victorian sketch troupe The Penny Dreadfuls – which Humphrey co-founded. Humphrey. What a name.

Today the pennies are working on a play for Radio 4 while individually branching out to do solo projects. And wow. What a shiny single penny Humphrey turned out to be.

Performing his one-man show,  Dymock Watson: Nazi Smasher at the Edinburgh Fringe, he’s pressing a lot of giggle buttons. ‘5 STARS!’ I squealed, applauding like a backwards seal, ‘can I give 6? Cos’ I would!’

What’s it abaaat?
Think Blackadder Goes Forth meets Memphis Belle meets something quite spectacular that I can’t for the life of me compare to anything from the 90s.

Will you fancy Humphrey Ker?
Probably. He’s a handsome fellow with strong chiseled features, deafening articulacy and a beautiful face!!!!!!!! Basically, I think wit and beauty emanates from his nostrils. The 1940s nazi haircut for Dymock also helps make him easy on the eye. Matthew Modine anyone?


But this is about comedy. So read about Humphrey’s awesome face show here!

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