COOL: best shoe site on the web swears by ‘no sh!t, just shoes’ policy

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We’ve found a shoe website that makes all others look like temporary holding pages – and none of our relatives own it or nuffing. It’s called Scorpio Shoes and we just want to plug it cos’ it’s really very bloody COOL.

The main reason it’s so COOL is because the site seems to have a secret mission statement – which once we’ve told you won’t be secret anymore – and that is: ‘No sh!t. Just shoes.’ That’s the official strap-line.

Sorry but… are you KIDDING? This is literally what we’ve been waiting for our whole lives.

If you’ve seen some really COOL shoes on that person whose dress sense you love but can’t emulate because you’ve no idea where he/she gets her stuff from – START HERE.

We haven’t counted but there are about 89777 different shoe brands to choose from. Not in a… god, I don’t know what to choose, way, but more a…. they HAVE to have the shoe I like because they only have COOL shoes – way.

Naturally you have to wade your shoe-hungry-way through stuff that isn’t quite you like these:


To get to stuff like this:


When we wrote a letter to the site’s main woman, Laura Tregoning, saying things like ‘this is the best website ever’ and ‘what shoes do YOU wear?’she replied saying this:

‘We are a family run independant that believes we sell shoes that are a bit different. Our strapline is ‘no sh!t just shoes’ (amazing!) and that is what we aim to work to – no messing about just a great product with great customer service whether it’s in the shops or our online business.’

She sounds like she’s got her wonderfully shoed feet firmly on the ground. Well, Laura, you have been recognised for your no-shit-just-shoes policy and applauded by Everything Is Cool. WELL DONE!

See you …forever!

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