UNCOOL: ‘That awkward moment when…’

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That awkward moment when…

…you try to be witty and describe an awkward situation but then realise you’ve just complicated it unnecessarily and ended up with a sentence that makes no sense.

Oh wait, that doesn’t make sense, does it? I’ve already talked about ‘same difference’ and replacing ‘have’ with ‘of’.
Today I’d like to address the downright imbecilic practice of using the phrase ‘That awkward moment when‘.

Loose use of the term ‘awkward’ has been common for a long time but my friends at Google tell me that widespread use of the phrase first began in 2010, when the website ‘http://www.theawkwardmoment.com’ and its Twitter account were first set up. #ThatAwkwardMomentWhen became a popular trend on Twitter and another seed of pain (for me) was thus planted.


However, it is on Facebook and not on Twitter that this horrific phrase has annoyed me the most. Pages devoted to countless awkward moments have popped up all over the place and people – presumably short of a sandwich or two – subsequently ‘Like’ them.

‘Joe Bloggs likes That Awkward Moment When Voldemort has to Sneeze’. 

In that form, it makes sense. Where it doesn’t make sense, though, is in the dozens of Facebook statuses (stati?) I have seen since that simply say ‘That awkward moment when <insert SHIT phrase>.’

‘That awkward moment when it goes quiet and your (don’t even get me started on your) eating something crunchy.’Not a sentence

‘That awkward moment on the train when your headphones are in and you’re singing along to Jessie J really loud lol’Also not a sentence


I have witnessed in my cyber tracks a few varied attempts to replace ‘awkward’ with ‘awesome’ or some other equivalent – for example,

‘That awesome moment when the cashier gives you £17 change but you only gave her £10′. Who gives a shit? 
‘That moment when…’
isn’t right either.

If you’re a friend of mine and affronted by this post, I am not sorry one bit. By continuing to employ this phrase to describe what is invariably a ridiculously specific and dull situation, you are distancing yourself from me. If this doesn’t bother you, fair enough. Your loss. If it does, please stop being an idiot.

Persist and we risk facing  that awkward moment when I blank you forever.

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