The Big Easy, SW3: So UNCOOL it’s COOL?

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words: Ben Ryder

Despite its position at the forefront of urban cool, EIC has found itself on the King’s Road twice in recent months. This is unsettling.

Even more unsettling was the reason for our visit; a four year anniversary celebration, with dutiful partner in tow. Error; because The Big Easy is perhaps the least date-friendly restaurant experience on earth. Why?

1) It’s absolutely packed, at 6.15 in the evening on a Wednesday, with braying Hooray Henry types (is Hooray Henry a mum phrase? We don’t know, but it seems most appropriate here)

2)The portions are seriously, grotesquely huge. Suffice to say, one doesn’t leave here in the mood for making babies. You’re much more likely to deposit a real-life food baby the second you return home, sweating.

3) Said portions are not only large but messy, and they demand a hands on approach that is not remotely sexy.

4) Football is shown on a massive screen across one wall. Now EIC has no problem with football/eatery combos per se, but The Big Easy has the match on mute, a depressingly half-arsed attempt to appease the “solicitors work do” crowd out in force. And we all know that if there’s any sport on in the corner of a restaurant it is nigh on impossible not to crane your neck away from your partner’s face every few seconds to check the score. (sorry about that).

But despite all this, the restaurant does have its charm. The staff are lovely and the food is pretty good on the whole, particularly an impressive lobster bake and an outrageously vast waffle-based desert.  The “lobster shack meets pirates of the Carribean Disneyland ride” theme, while cringe-making, feels authentic enough and is certainly jolly.

She finished it as well

Plus, if we are really honest with ourselves, we all secretly want to leave a restaurant having eaten so much we want to vomit all over the nearest cretin in a loafer/beige slacks combo. We all secretly want to check how England are getting on against Holland, without having to wait for those moments when the conversation dries up and we have licence to check our iphone for a few sweet seconds. And, more than anything, we all want BOGOF beers, which the Big Easy dutifully provides pretty much every night.

So if you do find yourself stranded and starving in the middle of Sloanetown, why not give it a try?

Or alternatively you could just go a couple of hundred yards down the road to Medlar?

*The Big Easy is open Sunday to Thursday 12 noon – 11pm
Friday & Saturdays 12 noon – 12.00amBig Easy Bar.B.Q & Crabshack. 332-334 King’s Road, Chelsea, London, SW3 5UR
020 7352 4071

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