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It’s winter. You might have noticed. Life’s dark again, all the light-hearted summer TV shows have finished and Masterchef The Professionals has suddenly become your one reason to live. But warm, hearty and massively fattening french cuisine isn’t the only thing that’ll keep you warm this winter. You know where this is going…

Knitwear. You need it. You look good in it. Everyone looks good in it. Even the shopkeeper whose neck you’ve never seen because she  covers it with a snood all year round – she looks good in it. But for god’s sake – don’t buy it. Make it! And if you think you don’t have time – how’s this for a reason? IT’S REALLY BLOODY COOL TO KNIT!

knitting club, where you can fix problems and talk about... knitting

That’s right. Folk’s best export – bar Mumford & Sons – is huge again. Bigger than Ryan Gosling. (That’s the only lie in this post). Still not sure? Meet gorgeous knitter extraordinaire – Laura Williamson.

Laura, 27, a dancer from Ipswich, knits spectacularly good-looking knitted garments – hats, scarves and snoods – (see pics) and sells them on her Etsy page here. Yeah, you can own one of those delicious, lipstick red snoods. Everything is made to measure by her fair hands – and she loves nothing more than going to Liberty and filling an empty bag with top quality chunky wool. That’s right. Laura is a thief. Not really. She just loves the wool. What else?… 

– Laura, how long have you been knitting and what has it brought to your life?
I’ve always surrounded myself with knitted goods, ever since my mum knitted my sister and I matching snoods one winter when we were very small. They engulfed our little bodies and kept us VERY warm. I remember my mum teaching me to knit when I was 8 or 9. I soon lost interest, but picked it up again in my early twenties out of a need to keep away the guilt of lazily watching tv… and of course not having enough dollar to fund my need for gorgeous knitted items!

– We’re right though aren’t we. Knitting’s cool?
Yep. But I don’t care.

– Oh. OK. How do you make the words ‘I knit’ sound sexier?
If one is sexy, one knitting will be sexy. Knitting will not make one sexy. Sorry.

– Tell us your favourite knitting fact
If you have a jumper you don’t like the style of anymore but you still like the wool.. unravel it and make something new.

where is your favourite knitting shop?
I love Fabrications on Broadway Market. The owner is lovely and very helpful. It has a great sofa, and Tommy the cat is a huge pull! And of course the 3rd floor of Liberty.

Mmmm. Chunky needles

– what’s your favourite stitch?


– Can anyone knit?
Yes! It is very easy to get going and so satisfying to create a unique item to feel proud to wear, however long it takes you! I really like it when I hear that a friend has started knitting and LOVES it.

– What’s your best tip for beginners?
Buy some good wool, if you can. It will make your first knitting experience even more special. And don’t worry about making mistakes – no one will die. If it’s chunky wool, you’ll need bigger needles (12mm or 15mm?) and have fun with it!


– Why should people buy your stuff?
Because I make each and every piece for each individual customer. I would much prefer to make the perfect present for someone who really loves an item.. I’m not precious about my designs – they are simple, durable and made well with love and care. The great thing about selling on is it’s so easy to chat to each customer about colour, size and style preference.

– write a poetic line about knitting
Knitting will change your life. It won’t, but it will enrich it.

Laura’s still taking orders for Christmas ! Get in touch with her here… or follow her on Twitter @wearswooly
Please note: her hair is not knitted.

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