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Be honest with yourself

Let’s remind ourselves why we’re so obsessed with seafood in the first place…

In London, god love her, seafood is not at our fingertips. It’s either served in expensive fish restaurants where the lobster costs more than your i-phone, or in overpriced italian pasta dishes like Tagliatelle a la marinara and Vongole. The ‘fish’ in these dishes isn’t proper seafood, rather a sprinkling of pickled prawns and garlic disguised as squid.

Which is why it brought tears to our fish-loving eyes when EIC visited Company Shed on Mersea Island in Essex. This place is off the hook! Like the fish…


– It’s a shack(!) and the idea of eating in a shack is COOL. Plus, they catch everything; scallops, oysters, lobster, crab, tuna, salmon, oysters and other stuff we don’t like as much as oysters.

– There was a waiting list of 120 people when EIC went, which means it is COOL but you need to start your journey v.early otherwise you won’t get a seat – UNCOOL. No biggy though. We found a boulder on the beach to eat on and it was better than Daft Punk Live.

– The seafood is cheaaap! People at EIC have eyes bigger than their bellies so ordered pretty much everything on the blackboard. Came to less than £30. Say no more. Oysters are 60p. WHAT, THAT’S RIDICULOUS? innit.

– It’s extra COOL because they ask that you bring your own mayo, bread and wine cos’ they’re just a shack and can’t give you anything more than the fruits of the sea. And salad. Fair. Enough.

– The people working there crack those exoskeletons open with a rage so intense it’s as if they know how much you love seafood.

It’s the COOLEST place EIC has been all year.

Please visit this glorious fish haven and tell us what you think. 

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