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Lobster mac and cheese….

Sounds rutterz – but is it? Well, yes and no. I mean, if you’re not a fan of fishy tasting fish then you probably won’t climax over the signature dish at Mr Buckley’s. However, if you’re an omega 5 fiend like me – I think you’ll definitely appreciate the sentiment. And the shape! It’s cylindrical. Though at times, say – eighth mouthful in – it had this tuna pasta salad in tupperware quality which I clenched through and thankfully came out smiling.

In fact, everything at Mr Buckley’s is worth a winky-pinch (I’ve no idea what that means but …). It’s another small plates fiasco but hey –  I’ll leave my issue with plate sizes for another time. Basically, it’s not pretentious here, this is what I’m trying to say and whoever’s in charge of the boom box should never be out of a job.

The menu is full of enchanting combinations and won’t break the bank. Broad bean, feta & wild garlic dip – yeah really good and more-ish. Ragstone with almonds, broccoli, beetroot & ruby chard – christ. If you order a ‘nightjar’ of Crispy fried chilli broad beans to start, go easy because I nearly finished the whole jar and that’s dangerous.

The neon sign in the window screams: hipster diner, and I was happy to discover the cocktail menu continues that theme with some delicious, off key boozers. I was a big fan of Old Apricot, with sweet vermouth, apricot brandy, topped up with a can of brooklyn lager.

I’m surprised it wasn’t busier on a Friday night, but the lovely lady did say it’s unpredictable and I’m not surprised given its location in the no man’s land bit on Hackney Rd. Mr Buckley’s doesn’t exactly jump out  but then that’s not always a bad thing. But sitting outside was a bit of a nightmare because the dustmen pulled up right next to us, forcing us to inhale eggy bin liners so we had to move inside. No biggy – it’s nice in there.

I think in summer, places like Mr Buckley’s who boast a ‘late night drinks’ licence need to make more of it, because these balmy nights – people just want to be drinking and eating outside.  And since there’s a boatload of rooftop bars serving great grub just round the corner it might be worth clearing the tables at 11:15pm and turning it into a respectable after hours cocktail bar/club. Just a thought.
277 Hackney Road, London, E2 8NA

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