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For all those not watching The Big Reunion on ITV2, it’s a reality show with Atomic Kitten, 5IVE, B*Witched, Liberty X, 911 and Honeyz who all dominated the UK music scene from the mid-nineties. In the show they’re all facing the demands of an upcoming live performance after years away from the spotlight.

When EIC first discovered which bands would be on this magnificent show, it was quite a gobstopping moment.
It was like being told you’re about to find out what happened to the really hot, really bouncy guy at school who was rumoured to have ended up on the streets. Not only do you get to find out how it happened, why it happened and which street, but you also get the gory details in between straight from the horse’s mouth! That’s right, the hot guy turned into a horse and parts of him are probably in you now.

In this show we find out that they all hated each other and why. We learn facts we never knew.  Who knew Honeyz were about to conquer the US before the one who speaks funny went crazy? We didn’t.

Who could predict that Richie from 5ive would now speak in an Australian accent?
Or that Abs has turned into a 14 year old rastafarian farmer? “‘Um gro’in carrots! Dat shit gets addictive!!! T’was beataws pandamawniam”.
Or that the one with a worried look in her eyes from Atomic Kitten suffered spare wheel syndrome so badly at one point , she had to be filmed on her own in music videos (can’t say we hadn’t noticed)?
Or that Lee from 911 was married to Lindsey from B*witched??
Or that the twins from B*witched who we thought were tight as hell …HATED each other?

THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING and nothing, all at once.

Here are some of our favourite moments of the series so far

1. When Liberty X bade farewell to the world … at Bowood for the Wiltshire Crimestoppers fun day

Did this really happen? Did nobody, not one of their mums or dads or PVC sponsors tell them that this was a horrible horrible horrible way to sign out forever? Our favourite bit of this video is 29 seconds in when Tony woops halfheartedly. Why? Because in The Big Reunion we learn that not only did Tony not feel like wooping at all that day, but he actually couldn’t wait to get the fuck off that stage.

2. When Sean from 5ive plays pool with an unknown in Wetherspoons

Stock picture of 'pool'

Stock picture of ‘pool’

A little part of us dies whenever we see Sean, for whom being famous was literally the worst thing that could ever have happened.  Producers have really latched on to his depressive side, filming him doing things on his own, like having breakdowns on staircases and playing pool in Whetherspoons with strangers. It’s awks.

3. When Celena admitted to HATING Heavenli


Jesus was this tense and actually a bit tantric at times. Poor Mariama Goodman who was barely a Honey at all, yet in TBR has to sit in the middle of Celena and Heavenli who, that’s right, hated each other. Celena begs Heavenli for a reason why? “WHY? WHYYYYYYYYYY DIDN’T YOU PICK UP THE PHONE?”
Heavenli goes to Celena, gives her a very awkward cuddle and whispers ethereally – “I’ll make it up to you.. this time….. I promise.” ew.

4. When Abs notices that Jay isn’t there

LOL. In this clip Sean asks the band at their first meeting in 6 years – ‘when I left, did you hate me?’ and they all say yes. LOL. Then they yell at him. Boo. At 22:50 Scott demands to know why Sean pushed him down the stairs 6 years ago, HA! which is fair enough BUT THEN!! Abs comes out with:

“Do you know what I feel..overwhelmingly? Like Jay’s missing man.”

Cue silence.

Scott: “That’s cos he is”

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

The Big Reunion is on Thursdays, 9pm, on ITV2

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