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Don't mess. (cos' she loves tidying)

EIC is nay a music blog, but that doesn’t stop us being well a-ware of Brixton rude-voice Jessie Ware. She looks Spanish but hasn’t got a margarita making gene in her.

This week, Jessie’s tune with Bristol dubstepper –  JOKER[The Vision (Let me breathe)] – reached silly popularity levels. Zane Lowe’s Hottest Record In The World if that’s alright with you. We caught up with Jessie …
(because she was running away from us…)

Hi Jessie. So, who or what will your music remind us of?
I hope baby making music but most probably ‘Glee’

Funny. What are weekends for?

If your friends moaned about you, what would they say?
am the Jewish mother they never wanted

Do you believe in private education?
Born and bred.  Thanks mum and dad

Knew it! What’s in your bag at the moment?
Really boring stuff – make up, coins, a yellow balloon, hair pins, my diary, a camera film that i never got developed.

If you were in the Masterchef final, what would you cook?
Marbella chicken…’cooked to perfection’

Yeah you look Spanish. What’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought for yourself/someone else?
My first car – a bright green Fiat Cinquecento.  I saved up for ages and chose the most butters car.

You’re stranded. It’s hell. You only have one tune on your i-pod, one food item and one person. What and who are they?
R Kelly ‘Happy People’, my mum’s chicken soup (with matzos balls) and I’d have my boy there to do the ‘Happy People’ dance routine with.

Who is the cleverest person you know?
my little brother

Have you ever fought with another girl over a guy?
Yeah – my best mate and I were 13 and the boy was from another school.  We sent each other really mean notes in Latin class about who deserved to kiss this rubbish boy at the next disco.

Where do you want to be in 5 years?
Brixton, with a Puggle. (we want one too)


 We really like Jessie because she has an interchangeable rude-girl/posh lady aura.  

Listen to her tune with JOKER here:

Visit her myspace here:

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