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No beef. Just honeycomb.

Meet our latest inspiration, Rob Goodkind. He’s a nice honest chap from North London who, last year, turned his love of honeycomb into a cracking new confectionary enterprise called Good Kind Of Food.
These days he makes so much of the stuff, there’s talk he’s putting CRUNCHIE out of business.

EIC caught up with the modern day honey-monster during a rather eccentric hour. CHECK THIS BABY OUT!

Full name: Rob Goodkind

Age: 23

I produce chocolate covered honeycomb for retail and wholesale purposes. I make everything with my own two hands and use the best ingredients where and whenever possible. I don’t believe in cutting costs when quality is stake.

Whose idea was it?
ALL MEEE! I was working at a restaurant and started to get really angry at the way staff were being treated.
So, rather than getting upset I just thought it was time for a new challenge. Then it came to me! It went a bit like this:-

‘Wait a sec I love sweets! I can make sweets! Why don’t I make and sell sweets for myself?! No more bosses telling me I need to work 80-100 hours a week (although I will!). This time it’ll be different because I’ll be working for myself!’

So I did it.

What’s been the hardest part?
The entire first year. And organising myself in the small kitchen space I had available to me. Every hurdle gets you down in some way around that time.  I have been extremely lucky that my friends and family were willing to give me a hand when needs be but, even so, you cant help but get deflated sometimes. When you’re waiting for a shop to get back to you, it can be frustrating.

And the best?
Has to be the Speciality and Fine Food Fair in Kensington Olympia last September.  Me and 8000 food buyers from around the world.  Given that it was Good Kind of Food’s first trade show I didn’t know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised by the way my goods were received.  I had one of the simplest, smallest stalls and was next to the Valrhona and Rococo chocolates – BIG NAMES IN THE GAME! But I managed to acquire some of my best customers there.

Were people willing to help you along the way?
Absolutely! Without the help of a certain few I just wouldn’t have got here. My mum has been incredibly gracious and essentially gave her kitchen (in her home) to me! My Dad is the accountant for the business which comes in quite handy too.  I’ve recruited so many mates into packing,sealing, labelling and putting ribbons on the bags, I wouldn’t be able to name them all…


Is your honeycomb better than a crunchie?
You’re damn right it is!  I pride myself on it. I grew up on Crunchie bars and they literally were my favourite chocolate bar for years. But mine is superior!

Do you ever feel uncertain about the honeycomb and wish you had a job in the city?
Oh god yes, it pops into my head at least once a day in those “what am I doing?” moments! But I wouldn’t wish a job in the city on anyone. Sometimes I wish I had an easier job. You know, one were I can sit down from 9 – 5?

Unfortunately, I am allergic to offices and HATE office politics. Cheffing is a job much more suited to my personality. The thought of being stuck in front of a computer all day instead of food fills me with woe.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a honey-monster?
I’d be in South and Central America.

What do you wear to work(is it flamboyant and Wonka-esq)?
I wish! The only flamboyant thing I occasionally wear is Good Kind of Food embroidered chef whites!  Normally I’m just in chef trousers with a t shirt and and apron. Pretty dashing yah!

Why should people buy from Good Kind Of Food(and not a village fete)?
My honeycomb has all been made by hand, is free from additives and preservatives, and it’s the only product on the market with real honey in it!  This results in a very intensely flavoured product that’s very light and airy. The village fete stuff has most definitely been produced by machine which makes a much harder, coarser, more tooth crunching product.  Also because it will have the additives and preservatives in it you dont really know how long ago it was made, where as with Good Kind of Food‘s Double Dipped Honey Crunch you can rest assured that every batch is Fresh!

Now onto more important matters…

What do you think of Kate Middelton?
I was about to say ‘who?’ but unfortunately I remembered who this person is.  I don’t really know her but I’ll say one thing; I literally couldn’t give less of a shit about the Royal Family. They are pointless and inbred, and by default she is one of them.

So you don’t care much for the Royal Wedding?
Not at all. I might if I worked in an office and got a 4 day weekend out of it, but it’s not going to stop me working!

Do you not think the Queen is well cute?
Cute? as in GMILF material? HAHA… I was just a bit sick in my mouth ….

Which is your favourite park in London?
Shit that’s a hard question. It’s between Primrose, Parliament Hill, and Kenwood.

Who annoys you most?
Incompetent drivers in their 4x4s, on the phone.  I’m an angry driver but I’m working on it. There’s something about being in a metal box that makes me mad.

Smoked Salmon or chicken,bacon,avocado as a sandwich filler?
I’m gonna have to have to break the mould here and say bacon, chicken and avocado would be and is the best sandwich filler ever.  God I love bacon.

(There’s a good jew) Who do you blame for the UNCOOLness of everything?
I blame our solar system’s sun.  I blame the lack of vitamin d in english people’s systems. It leads to a lot of UNCOOLness.

When you die, which room of your house do you hope will remind your family of you?
I imagine they would say the kitchen. I’ve spent most of my waking adult life in the kitchen. Failing that, I dunno, the room where the sofas and telly are?

We tried Rob’s honeycomb and it is delicious. Have you ever tried village fete honeycomb? It has mud on it.
Find out more about Rob and his enterprising abilities here
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