COOL: Our LOVE for Lily Allen

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We hated you. We did. We thought you were a gobshite. But we didn’t know you like we do now Lily and ….

well basically. Can we be friends? Please.

It may have been a ball ache having cameras follow her everywhere during the filming of Lily Allen: Riches To Rags – but boy was it worth it! Because now there is absolutely no reason to dislike this hilarious giggler of a woman. The not so well disguised digs at Cheryl Cole were just a reminder that Lily Allen has more personality in her right tit than Cole will ever contract intravenously from Simon Cowell. Also, boy were they funny! Will we ever stop saying ‘boy’?  Not now. Not after this.

The documentary follows Allen as  she deliberately turns her back on stardom to open a vintage clothing shop called ‘Lucy In Disguise’ with her sister Sarah, who is THE SPIT of A.J.Langer from My So Called Life, right? 


EIC thinks this is a spiffing idea providing she’s in a good mood (and actually there) when we visit and the stuff is affordable in a way that makes you want go there instead of Topshop.

Mary Portas was involved for a bit and made Lily cry (Dragon’s Den style) as was a rather irksome advisory who couldn’t stop saying ‘AMAZING’ which reminded us of Fearne Cotton and therefore, dead bunnies and genocide. That was a bad five minutes.

While all the national papers have written something about last night’s episode, not one of them gives Allen credit for her honesty, doubting whether this is what she really wants, questioning how serious she can be if she’s willing to  document the whole thing on TV. HOW BORING!  Touring as a solo artist for over two years looks AWFUL, no matter how much money you’re pulling in. That Lily’s thrown her towel in at the stadium to live more like Sienna is perfectly reasonable. And that she wants to carry on working, well, what an absolute Ledger.

At 25, it’s clear that all Lily wants is a cool job, to drink red wine, smoke, live with her boyfriend and occasionally write songs people say are good.

So again …. as we didn’t get an answer. Can we be friends? PLEASE.

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