COOL: 6 reasons to get your arse to the Edinburgh Fringe

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There are now approximately 6 billion festivals. And that’s just in England. But none get the adrenalin pumping quite like the Fringe up in Edinburgh each August. Every year, I’m reminded why I’m a bit in love with, not just the city but, the whole concept. Anyway … here are 6 reasons to go!

You know you get a feeling about a place and then when you return it’s like ‘OOOH THERE’S THAT LOVELY FEELING AGAIN!’ When I go up to Edinburgh, I get that. It’s like walking in on Samuel Beckett giving Rowan Atkinson a blow-job while Shakespeare takes notes and Frank Sinatra’s laughing his arse off in the background.

You think you’ve seen it all. Then you go to Edinburgh and you’re dumbstruck by a shit-hot show written and performed by someone nobody’s ever heard of. Then, it’s September and that nobody is now very much a somebody. There’s enough rubbish at the festival – but treat it as a pile of empty bottles just seconds from the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury.

While that can sometimes refer to the amount of inter-cast sex that goes on, it’s actually more to do with the ripeness of the talent at the festival. The city throbs with people on the cusp of fame, itching not only to perform but be inspired. In August, Edinburgh becomes an inspirational breeding ground where, if you hang in the right places, talent meets talent. Not in a – ‘we’re all talking at the same time!!!!!!!’ – sort of way, but more a ‘No I don’t think Miranda’s that funny EITHER!!! – kind of way.
Beware of the UNCOOL people though who feel it necessary to chew the innards of some TV exec’s bowel the entire month. Quite unnecessary. If you’re in a show and it’s good, they’ll hear about you.

Granted, it’s the busiest place on earth during the day. But you can start your day at around 7pm in Edinburgh. Go for a yummy dinner, see a 45 minute stand-up show, grab another beer, see a play written by an 11-year old, go for another beer – and top it all off with a bit of musical romping till the early hours at The Forest Cafe! [I poured boiling hot tea on my naked leg there in 2007. UNCOOL.]

This isn’t a travel post but seriously – there are some great restaurants in Edinburgh! And if you haven’t tried haggis, it may be time to take the plunge. They sell it everywhere.

It doesn’t matter what anyone says, Edinburgh oozes a warmth that makes you feel happy and like having sex pretty much the whole time. The festival is a notorious relationship killer because if you leave your loved one behind – consider it doomed. Which is why I’m bringing mine with me!

So, if you’re ummming and ahhhhing about coming – do just bite the bullet! Come!

I’ll be performing with Vinegar Knickers in ‘Sketchy Beast’ at C Soco everyday at 4.35pm.

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