UNCOOL: Jay-Z obvs well fancies Rihanna

Posted on February 21, 2011 by


Poor Beyonce! Rihanna’s hiney and side-boobs have well and truly taken over. Like a new and exciting family member B never knew she had, Rihanna’s moved in and brought shite-loads of candy, crisps and porn dvds with her.

While we’re not complaining – because let’s face it we’d clap if Rihanna did a kaker in our faces – we think all the attention she’s getting may be pissing Beyonce off a bit. Especially because sometimes Jay-Z and Ri Ri lock the home cinema door while they’re watching those dvds together. 

So now it looks as though B-dawg could be losing the plot a bit having been starved of her husband’s gaze for long enough. She’s dyed her hair blonde and made it all wavy (see below). We know this isn’t what she actually looks like right now but it does help illustrate the point quite well.

Apparently Jay-Z has clocked the effort B’s putting into her appearance and rewarding her, pastry by pastry.

We really hope this works B. Weirdly Ri Ri’s reminding us a lot of Cha Cha Digregorio from Grease at the moment.
She stole Danny from Sandy *sad face* but only for an hour! Happy face and clapping.

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