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There’s something a bit Caleb KOL about 25 year old Alex Clare to whom the Guardian refers as

“a nice Jewish lad from South-West London”

How refreshing. His new tune Up All Night is  p-r-i-t-t-y nice and can be heard, nay just heard, but watched, here. I told you it was good.

We like Alex’s voice and face. We also like the fact Diplo and Switch produced his debut album (as yet untitled). This fact gives him a licence to swear loads and behave recklessly for a good few months prior to the album launch.

Alex went through the usual probing we give people to find out just how revoltingly cool or uncool they are.

Clue: He doesn’t put ‘g’s on the ends of words and admits to loving his parents. Bubbula?

1) Def Jam rap star or Mario Kart?

Obviously mario kart

2) Smoked Salmon bagels or fry-ups?

Really? If I had a favourite sandwich, it would be salt beef on rye, with a bit too much mustard, but other than that, I’m always down with a bagel.

3)Which is your favourite London bus?

The 82, coz it’s functional, I catch it everyday

4) How do you feel inside when it pulls up?

It’s a bus, not the queen mary

(True. But we are way more emotional about buses than we are about Queen M)

5) Let’s move on. North or South London?

Well, I grew up in south so I look back on my childhood with rose tinted glasses.  That said, night buses are wack, and there was nothing to do but smoke weed and vandalize stuff, and I’m fairly sure that would still be the case if I hadn’t moved to north London. In all, I’d say north london is generally better for your health, and the green spaces like Hampstead Heath are a plus.

6) If you could achieve the same kind of success as anyone in the past, ever, whose would that be?

Napoleon? Failing that, RZA

7)  What do you prefer raving it up or staying at home with a pizza and a yat?

Tough one, guess it depends on the girl, and if I could change the pizza to Chinese. Or where’d I be ravin’ it up and who’d be playing. So either depending.

8) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In my own orchestra capable studio in New Orleans, or somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the UK as a Howard Hughes type recluse, but with better personal hygiene and less money

9 )What would you like your parents to know before you die?

That I Love em, and that they haven’t always agreed with my life decisions but they’ve always supported me regardless. And it was me who shaved a line in the dog’s hair that time, not Dominic

10) What does the music industry smell of?

Brut for men

11) Which famous he/she, if they laid eyes on you, would see just how incredible you are and want to marry you straight away?

Nicki minaj or mila kunis,

12) Tell us something you’ve never told anyone

Yeah, probably best not to go there

13) What’s your new year’s resolution – make it good.

Treat people better, I can be mad stubborn and a pain in the

‘arris to the peeps I care about

14) Who’s your favourite TV chef?

Nigella, but back in the day,

15) Got any words for your last date?

Going ‘dutch’ doesn’t mean ‘lets get pancakes’

16) Can dogs replace lovers?

Nope, but they’re a good compromise

17) Would you hand your wallet over to a mugger without asking questions? Depends on how big their knife was, and how bad my day had been up to that point. I’d probably just give it to em

18) What will you buy first when Up All Night goes to number 1?

A new coat, coz the one I’m wearin’ right now smells grim

Conclusion: Alex Clare is on the same level of cool as this guy! Hear dat!

Cheers Alex Clare! Up All Night is out Jan 10.

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