COOL: A camera so cute you want to change its nappy

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The Fisheye 2 X Rip Curl Special Edition Camera

If, like me, you’re bamboozled by the Argos catalogue’s camera section but are in deep need of a snapper perhaps this special edition son of a gun is the answer! I mean just look at it – those kiddish primary colours – reminiscent of the Fisher Price kitchen I always wanted and never got. Let it be said, this camera is for the style conscious and belongs in the wardrobe, not the bookcase. It deserves to be consulted in the same way you would a belt, handbag or pair of pants before setting off out. It’s a fish eye cam which means all your pics look like those ones taken by the nightclub photographers – a bit swollen and zoomy. OK, it’s a bit better than that – fish eye is artsy and adds an epic quality to pics, travel ones especially. In love with it yet? You can even read poetry to it while you take a shower because, yes, it’s waterproof! I don’t know why I’m getting so excited about this, I’m obviously not going to buy one. But I know I’m going to see these everywhere.

This is a joint venture between beachwear brand Ripcurl and The Lomographic Society (a global community whose strong passion is creative and experimental analogue film photography) and if you want one they’re only *checks price* £65. Actually I may buy one after all. Get one or loads here –

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