COOL: Top Taste, E2

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A while back I wrote a review of Gourmet San on Bethnal Green Road, which I described as “my new fav Chinese restaurant,” wordsmith that I am.

Unfortu for Gourmet San, it’s now in second place after last night’s supreme meal at Top Taste, an even scuzzier, smaller and more impossible to find Sichuan restaurant in the heart of minging East London.


I want to marry it. I want to take Top Taste down the aisle and then spend my wedding night poking at its dumplings.

Let’s break it down:

What is it? A Sechuan restaurant/takeaway on Roman Road that looks HORRIFIC from the outside. Head inside though, and it’s even more HORRIFIC. Expect bare white walls, Chinese X-Factor on in the background and a giant napkin as a table cloth.

What should I eat? Sliced Beef & Ox Tongue in Chilli Sauce, – it’s fiery, oily and laced with Sichuan pepper and spice that makes your mouth go numb. After putting it in my mouth, I felt more alive than I have in years.
Dried Fried Green Beans – salty, crunchy and very fun to pick at.
Kung Po Diced Chicken – almost as good as my own version, and that’s saying something. The waitress described it as “a favourite”.
Pork Dumplings – so huge that we could have had a dumpling fight or built a tower of dumplings, but instead we just ate them.

How much was it? £15 a head! And that’s including beer. We at EIC call that Top Value (snort!) and you can always get a takeaway if you don’t feel like eating dinner in someone’s utility room.

BUTT: Do NOT leave your bike outside. Our dessert was finding out two wheels had been nicked. Confusion was followed by anger, then disbelief and finally a shit load of swearing. Shame.

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