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I rarely get taken with TV shows. I’m the kind of guy who watches about six episodes of a boxset, decides it’s all good ‘n’ all, but then really just can’t… be… bothered… to.. cont…in…ue…

But NOT with The Good Wife, my new favourite programme, which is so COOL that it’s making me want to become a lawyer.

This comes after almost applying for medical school while watching ER (true story), flying trans-Pacific in the hope of having a Lost experience ( I was desperate for the plane to crash) and becoming obsessed with fictional Danish politics in Borgen in lieu of actual, life-changing UK governmental decisions (budget – yawn).

The Good Wife features Juliana Margulies as Alicia, a lawyer and the wife of a dirty state’s attorney, Mr. Big from Sex and the City.

Mr. Big had sex with a lot of prostitutes and goes to jail for perverting the course of justice. Starting anew, Alicia joins a law firm and begins winning every case she’s representin’ thanks to a never-ending reservoir of good will, legal loopholes and brand new evidence that’s been submitted last minute.

OK, so it doesn’t sound great on paper but it really, really works thanks to an awesome ensemble cast who work like magic together.

Alicia’s home is a battleground for her children and their pushy grandmother, played by this woman who is brilliant:


The law firm is a never-ending stage for coups and power plays. There’s the alcoholic from Cybill, who has one of the best eye rolls in showbiz, no joke:

The Good Wife Diane Lockhart

And a hot young lawyer, Cary, who is Alicia’s rival, but more importantly, totally edible:


Match that with plenty of scandalous local politics. Mr. Big, who’s a MASSIVE CHEATER but also very sympathetic, damn him, wants to be state’s attorney again:


Alan Cummings (randomly?) is his Machiavellian campaign manager:


And then there’s Alicia’s children, who are too cute and manage to get mixed up in all the plotting, like all the time:

I Fought The Law

Throw in plenty of love interests, one-liners, bizarre cases and guest stars who you can’t name but have appeared in every tv show you’ve ever watched, and you have a triumph.

The Good Wife is on Thursdays, at 9pm, on Channel 4

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