COOL: Game Of Thrones (& other nerdy books)

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Check it – fantasy/sci-fi is suddenly COOL. Why? Oh I dunno, maybe cos’ of some TV powerhouse of a programme

…Game of Thrones?

I can’t think of one person not watching it, I honestly cannot, m’Lord.

Sean Bean, pronounced ‘Seen Bean’

For the inner geek in me, it just gets better: the whole country’s reading these frickin’ oversized novels by George R.R. Martin who is probably just LOVING all this attention. And Londoners. Tell me that you too have noticed the visible difference in commuters’ reading faces, who once looked on the verge of suicide but now look totally enraptured by all those painted whores, Lords, dragons and wenches.

Just to burst your bollocks, I read these bookies YEARS ago I did, m’Lord. Almost ten in fact. Which looking back at that adolescent spotty geek with massive eyebrows, made me ahead of the trend. ME! Well, take THAT you dope-smokin’ bully pikey wenches from secondary school! HUZZAH for nerdhood! (do people think I’ve got issues now?)

So now Game of Thrones is that ubiquitous book everyone’s talking about. Even the people who’ve never read or spoken (it makes me sick). We think it’s EIC’s dooty to introduce other classic fantasy/sci-fi novels you might like if you’re copying everyone else with all the Game Of Thrones schmaltz at the moment. Because these too are blates gonna get turned into TV dramas.

Stay ahead of the trend. Stay geek.

1. MAGICIAN by Raymond E. Feist

When I first read the Magician, I thought: “Wow, this book’s the shit.” Nothing has changed. This book is still the shit. It’s about an awfully named boy, Pug, and his destiny – to become, that’s right gurl, a MAGICIAN. But not just any magician, we’re talking the magician. Spooky alien invaders called the Tsurani keep the pace and tension to the max. Oh and there’s a whole lotta magic. And I don’t just mean in the story. It’s actually magic reading it. *sniff*

2. DUNE by Frank Herbert

If you’ve never heard of Dune, you’re probably an idiot. It’s always at the top of ‘Top 10′ lists… but not ours, ’cause we like to be different. It’s about a planet made of sand that’s home to the galaxy’s fave drug, which means lots of Houses plot and compete over it. Oh and worms, massive machine-eating worms that follow vibrations. I’m tellin’ you, the complexity of this novel makes Game of Thrones look like Spot the Dog.

3. ENDER’S GAME by Orson Scott Card

If you rrrrrreally wanna be ahead of the trend, read Ender’s Game. Hollywood already has. (movie’s out in 2013 and stars that cute kid from Hugo and all-time legend, Harrison Ford.) It’s about a gifted boy (aren’t they all?) who gets trained Karate Kid style to fight big bad BUG aliens who are coming to town. Sound like a bad 80s B-movie?!  Better frickin’ believe it!

*If you’ve got some nerdy literature up your wizard’s sleeve that you’d like EIC recommend, let us know and we’ll put it up here, m’lord. 

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