COOL: The Little Paris Kitchen (we LOVE Rachel Khoo!)

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Ohh la la! Bon maman!! Touche ma mere!

Those watching new cookery series, Little Paris Kitchen, like us, are probably just reeling over clumsy, breathtaking 31 year old chef Rachel Khoo, who we’re convinced is about to take over France with her face.

6 years ago, Khoo, would you bloody believe it, was part of the old rat race here in LDN!
Not sure which show this is? If you channel hopped on Monday evening at any point between the hours of 8 and 9 you’ll have heard adamant remarks such as ‘I LOVE CHEESE!’, ‘mmm … dake dar-dar!’, and, ‘this … is… how it should…. look?’

Three episodes in, in spite of Khoo’s somewhat limited patter (which we’re assuming will come with time) we’re in love.
We’ve slapped ourselves round the face repeatedly with stale baguettes but the fact remains, we are in love with Rachel Khoo. And so is the production team, apparently. Nothing warms the heart more than seeing a beautiful woman scare the shit out of herself with a blender.

So can Khoo cook? Err, yeeeeeeeeh! But not French cuisine. WHO GIVES AN UNWASHED RAMEKIN! She’s Rachel Khoo! It all looks yummy, and she eats fat which, in our book, is the sign of a great woman. Plus her futon is so pretty.

Here’s the story of Khoo (for whom there are so many surname based puns, EIC went full circle and arrived back at her normal surname). Khoo (hehe) did what lots of us only dream of doing. Left Britain to set up life in gay Paris! That may not be your dream but it is ours. Especially when it only costs €800.

Come again?

Yep. Rachel Khoo finished uni, found the rat race here unfulfilling – ER HOW?!! – saved €800 and left for the Eiffel Tower. Now this €800(!) tale is frankly just impossible. €800 barely gets you to Calais these days, but we can understand what they’re trying to do here. Besides, Khoo doesn’t look like she’d ever have only €800 in her bank but cynicism aside, she arrived, set up home in a tiny 19th arrondissement flat in the ‘rough’ Belleville district and half an hour later, had transformed her kitchen into a bijou trading paradise. That’s right – her flat is a restaurant.


‘I didn’t have any friends here, I spoke no French, I wasn’t even GCSE French standard when I left,’ says Khoo who is now so good at French, the French can’t believe it.

But, Rach, why no friends? Bit gutting isn’t it? Are you sure that bit’s true? Sure sure? Because you’re kinda really fashionable and verging on very COOL so, again, we think this bit could be made up. After all, why does every successful woman have to have had no mates before she was famous. STOP IT!!!!!!!!


If you don’t know Rachel Khoo – half malay, half Austrian – get to know. If Zooey and Alexa had a baby – that was older than them – Khoo is what it would look like. And in 10 months’ time, she’ll be a judge on The X Factor.

She’s the new culinary goddess. Even though she forgot to take the bay leaf out the cassoulet.

The Little Paris Kitchen is on BBC2, Mondays at 8:30pm

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