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Time for a Punctuation Pet Hate.

Is it me, or are ellipses everywhere these days?! Not sure what an ellipsis is? Lemme explain:

It’s one of these –>  

Known as ‘DOT DOT DOT’ to semantically deficient morons who love tacking it onto the end of sentences.

I hate them. And if you do it, I hate you too. Ellipses make every sentence sound like a sexual invite:

“Just finished a three month contract. Looking for more work in London area…”

Translates to:

“Am willing to suck you off for employment. PM me for details.”

I just tabbed over to Facebook – yeah, I have no attention span. And you know what I found?
Two updates ending in ellipses. Both sound like invites to rumble in the jungle. Sheesh.

Maybe it’s me, but I just *love* the full stop. It makes sentences so direct. Unambiguous. Clear. Full-stoppy.

So the next time you want to ‘…’ your way into sounding slightly deeper, why don’t cha just grab that ‘…’ and relocate it to your *** (Oooh – punctuation burrrrrrrn!)

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