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The humidity is rising; the barometer is gettin’ low; cause tonight for the first time; just about half past ten; it’s GONNA START RAINI–– oh no, hang on… What I actually meant was:

The Apprentice AAAAHHOOOOYYYYY!!!! It’s back on 21st March!

I’m personally very excited about getting another season to decide whether or not I fancy Alan Sugar.

Do I??

Mabes. But EIC has got some fresh-off-the-press information for YOU, The Apprentice lover.

16 contestants are battling for the £250,000 investment, using only their business acumen (acumen, apparently, isn’t an oriental spice – who knew?) and the much-coveted power suit. God I want a power suit.

Notable candidates this year include the unfortunately named Ricky Martin (his mum must have been SMASHED at the birth). Lil’ Ricky is a professional wrestler at the weekend, don’t chya know.

Think Hulk Hogan. But in a power suit.

We also have Jenna Whittingham, a beauty salon who competes in showjumping events. No, she doesn’t run around the Crufts circuit going up and down slides – I checked. Showjumping is actually riding on horse.

Finally the also–unfortunately–named Laura Hogg, who used to skate with Torvill and Dean. Clearly ‘Torvill and Hogg’ would have been a MUCH better combo.

The first task sees the boys pit themselves against the girls, which is giving me tingly goosebumps ALL over. Or maybe it’s all that acumen I’ve been putting in my food…

Either way, they have to open their own printing press. And then later on in the series they’re creating a fitness DVD. I’m thinking:

Ricky Martin and Hogg’s Wrestle ‘n’ Skate Your Way to a Better Body!

We like it. We like all of it. So get on it.

The Apprentice begins on 21st March on BBC1.


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