UNCOOL: my gaydar SUCKS! Dean WON playing it straight?!

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Hetero Dean won Playing it Straight, which is COOL because lying is bad. Now my life can finally move on.

Oh and … cover me in pine needles and call me Derek – Danny WAS gay??!!

This is what I said originally, in my first post about the show.

My second post – the one where I jumped over to the ill-fated ‘Danny is Straight’ camp – wasn’t actually written by me. Er. Mhm.

You see, a pigeon swooped in, clawed at my face and wrote the article while I was temporarily incapacitated on the floor. No seriously.


And yeeesssss(SSSS), I also incorrectly predicted that Dean was gay and Sam and Ben were straight, but it’s all in the past now isn’t it?? So move on already.

What Playing it Straight has actually shown me is not that gay men can break stereotypes blah blah, etc etc – NO, what I’ve learnt about myself is that my gaydar is terrible.

I shouldn’t be surprised.

Thinking back to university, my gaydar would only produce two results: the liberally applied GOD I REALLY HOPE HE’S GAY and the two-year-two-late OH SHIT, I NEVER REALISED HE WAS GAY!!!

To make it worse, I always fancied the straight blokes. I rolled my eyes at the gays, who I viewed as something that wouldn’t go away no matter how many times I’d flush.

I already want to be all over Dean like a dog eating beans just because he likes tits.


But it’s been fun, this Playing it Straight rollercoaster of love and deceit. I can’t wait to do it all again.

And remember just where you got the Sven–SPOILER–Scoop from. (Here, in case you’d forgotten).

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